School readiness

At Little Learners we prepare your child with as many tools as possible to give them the best start in reception. This starts as soon as your child begins their learning journey with us.

Prime Areas

• Personal, social and emotional
• Communications and language
• Physical development

Specific Areas

• Mathematics
• Expressive arts and design
• Literacy
• Understanding of the world

Personal, Social and Emotional 

Feeling safe and secure away from the child’s main carer. Having the opportunity to interact with their peer group. The ability to form relationships with their peer groups and adults. To learn how to take turns and sharing with others. To build upon the child’s self esteem and confidence. To respect and value others and other’s needs and feelings. The ability to respect and look after our play equipment and books and know how to tidy up and put things away. To work together as part of a team.

Physical Development

Given the opportunity to pour their own drinks. Practicing how to dress themselves, put their coat, jumper on etc. To offer different writing implements, scissors etc to achieve fine motor skills. Practicing toilet routine, gaining toilet skills and self-independence.

Communication and Language

Giving the children opportunity to follow instruction within small group work sessions. Storytime and circle times enhance the children’s communicative skills. Giving the children tasks to do. We offer daily language groups where the children develop better language skills and we also have a story teller who comes to the nursery and offers different methods of teaching the children the love of stories and books, giving the children skills of recall and characterization.

Literacy and Numeracy

At Little Learners we have a large selection of books available for the children to enjoy and have story time every session. As well as a professional storyteller we also offer occasional drama sessions where children can participate in acting out stories and rhyme.

We have writing stations both indoors and outdoor daily to enable children to practice their ‘mark making skills’ with a variety of writing media.

Name station – to practice finding their names from others

Everywhere at Little Leaners gives the children opportunities in numeracy, through counting, rhyme and singing, weighing objects, puzzles, shapes and sequencing objects and items.