Nutrition (Fussy Eaters)

Preschoolers can be classed as fussy eaters, although most will eat well and just have an ‘off’ day. Like everything else, exploring new foods is a process of learning and can take time. If you find that your child is a fussy eater then try and make the eating process as relaxed as possible as to avoid tantrums, frustration and refusal to eat. In time, children will grow out of this habit – it’s only a matter of time and persistence.

Children like to eat with their fingers and these are the best form of tools whilst they learn. Offer finger foods such as breadsticks, chunks of cheese small cubes of cucumber, carrot and raw vegetables. Children also like to take part in assembling their own food, let them. Offer a selection of foods in various bowls and let them choose from these when old enough. Involve your child in the food shop at the supermarket and start cooking with them at home. Let them try different foods and if they refuse on the first try, then offer again on a different occasion. Avoid snacks such as crisps, fizzy drinks and sweets and rather offer dried fruits, fruit, vegetables, rice crackers etc